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Club Tryouts Info


Key Dates & Deadlines

Key Dates

Key Dates for 2023 GIRLS Club Team Tryouts


  • Girls Club Open House: Sunday, October 29, 2023, 12pm-2pm

  • Girls Pre-Tryout Clinic

    • U12-U13: Wednesday, November 1st, 4:30pm-6pm ($30 per athlete)​

    • U14: Wednesday, November 1st, 6:30pm-8pm ($30 per athlete)

    • U15: Friday, November 10th, 4:30pm-6:30pm ($40 per athlete)

    • U16: Friday, November 10th, 7pm-9pm ($40 per athlete)

  • Girls Club Tryout Dates (Open/Club/Regional)

    • ​U12-U13:

      • Session #1: Monday, November 6, 4pm-6pm

      • Session #2:Tuesday, November 7, 4pm-6pm

    • U14

      • Session#1: Monday, November 6, 7pm-9pm​

      • Session#2: Tuesday, November 7, 7pm-9pm

    • U15:*

      • Session #1: Monday, November 13

        • ​Wave #1: 4pm-6:15pm

        • Wave #2: 6:45-9pm 

      • Session #2: Tuesday, November 14

        • Wave #1: 4pm-6:15pm

        • Wave #2: 6:45-9pm

    • U16:*

      • Session #1: Thursday, November 16

        • Wave #1: 4pm-6:15pm

        • Wave #2: 6:45-9pm 

      • Session #2: Sunday, November 19

        • Wave #1: 9am-11:15am

        • Wave #2: 11:45am-2pm 

    • U17-U18:

      • Session #1: Friday, November 17, 5pm-7:30pm

      • Session #2: Sunday, November 19, 4pm-6:30pm

    • Last Call Session: Monday, November 20th

      • U15/U16 4pm-6pm

      • U17/U18 7pm-9pm


*Waves for U15/U16 will be assigned 3 days before tryouts​

*Not sure what age group to register for?

Take a look at the 2023-2024 USA Volleyball Age Definition Chart before you register!

USAV Age Group Definitions

How to Register for Tryouts

  1. Register for team tryouts on our League Apps site for Girls Club.

  2. Click here for a helpful chart regarding age group definitions. If your athlete is young for their grade, please sign them up with their grade level (U14 = 7th & 8th, U15 = 9th, U16 = 10th, etc).

How to Register for Tryouts

Tryout Costs and Late Registrations 

Tryout Fee:

Due to the rising upfront costs for club teams (uniform deposits, tournament fees, etc.), we will be collecting a club team deposit at the time of tryout registration. This will be returned via the original payment method (credit card, ACH, or check) if an athlete is not selected for a team or does not accept their spot. 

Girls Regional/Open/Club Team Tryouts​: $75 NON-REFUNDABLE tryout fee per athlete (U12 will have a $55 NON-Refundable tryout fee )+ $325 REFUNDABLE club team deposit (will be returned promptly if athlete is not selected for a team)= $400 total due at registration (U12 $380 total due at Registration).

Tryout Deadline & Late Registrations:

Girls Regional/Open/Club Team Tryouts: Registration will close 3 days before tryouts for each age group begin!

*If you would like to register after these dates, you must contact NEVBC Tryout Coordinator, Angela Ho (, as well as the appropriate program director:

Tryout Costs and Late Registration

Teams We Plan to Field This Year

  • GIRLS CLUB & OPEN Teams we plan to run this year (subject to change): 18 Open, 18 Club, 17 Open, 17 Club, 16 Open, 16 Club (up to two 16 Club teams), 15 Open, 15 Club, 14 Open, 14 Club (up to two 14 Club teams), 13 Club, & 12 Club

  • GIRLS REGIONAL Teams we plan to run this year (subject to change):  3-4 teams in each of the U13-U16 age groups, and at least two teams in the U17 age group

Teams We Plan To Field this Year

Video Submission Option:

If you have to miss tryouts for any reason (including CIAC rules), we are also accepting video submissions as an evaluation tool. Here's what we are looking for:

  • 15+ minutes of continuous match or practice footage

  • A 2-3 minutes highlight video


Please note that you will still have to register and pay for tryouts on League Apps, but just make a note that you'll be sending video instead of attending in person.

For Girls Club & Open Teams: Please send your submission to and at least 48 hours before tryouts start for your age group to ensure time for a thorough video assessment.

Video Submission Instructions
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