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Important Info and Rules

General Info: 

  • Games will be 6v6 format ​with at least 2 females on the court at all times

    • Teams can play down to 5 or 4 players if missing people. If playing with less than 6, only one female is needed to be on the court at all times​

  • Matches will be best of 3 with scores being played to 25/25/15 with a two point cap during the regular season. (Max points being 27/27/17)

  • A player that is not on any roster may be a sub for a team, but once they play for a specific team they are not allowed to sub for any other teams.

  • Players must play in at least 4 Regular season matches in order to be eligible to play in playoffs

  • Liberos are allowed but teams must abide by the rules of maintaining at least 2 females on the court at all times. Also, you cannot have a "super middle" where one middle stays front row the whole game and the libero stays backrow.

  • If teams cannot settle on a game ball the official game ball will be the Yellow and Blue Mikasa Ball. If both teams agree to use a different ball that is acceptable. 

Questions about our Adult League?
Reach out to our League Coordinator, Jeremy Doski at