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Important Info and Rules

Level Breakdown


The intermediate league is our beginner-upper mid level league. In this league you will find both players that are seasoned veterans and also early-mid stage of playing the game. Whether you've been around the game for years or have recently picked it up and are looking for more structured gameplay, this is the league for you. Players in this league should be comfortable with the following skills with good success; Serve either float or top spin, pass and set with decent control, spike/attack a ball with pace, and comfortable blocking. A player in these leagues may not always execute these skills consistently but has a basic understanding of these skills and the rules of the game. They should also have a good understand of the roles on the court and flow of the game.


The advanced league is our upper mid level to highest level league. In this league you will find players with the highest level of play as well experience. Players in this league should be confident in all five basics skills (pass/set/attack/block/serve) and will be able to complete the following skills with great success and consistency; Aggressive jump top spin or jump float serve,  can pass and dig the ball at high speeds and with good control, set with great control (able to set many different tempos), attack with great power/control. Players in this level will have a expert understanding of these skills and rules of the game. Players in this league will be accustomed to rotations and running offenses such as 5-1's and 6-2's and are able to play the game at its highest level.


General Info: 

  • Games will be 6v6 format ​with at least 2 females on the court at all times

    • Teams can play down to 5 or 4 players if missing people. If playing with less than 6, only one female is needed to be on the court at all times​

  • Matches will be 3 straight sets with scores being played to 25/25/25 with a two point cap during the regular season. (Max points being 27/27/27)

  • Record and seeding for playoffs are determined by the number of sets won. I.E your team wins a 2-1 your record is 2-1, not 1-0. Playoffs will be a 3 set Match (25/25/25) where the first to 2 sets win.

  • A player that is not on any roster may be a sub for a team, but once they play for a specific team they are not allowed to sub for any other teams.

  • Players must play in at least 3 Regular season matches in order to be eligible to play in playoffs

  • Libero's are allowed but teams must abide by the rules of maintaining at least 2 females on the court at all times. Also, you cannot have a "super middle" where one middle stays front row the whole game and the libero stays backrow.

  • If teams cannot settle on a game ball the official game ball will be the Yellow and Blue Mikasa Ball. If both teams agree to use a different ball that is acceptable. 

Reverse-Coed Rules:

  • Women's height net, women are permanent front row players (Even when serving)

  • Men are permanent backrow players, they can hit backrow, are not allowed to participate in a block

  • Men can "Soft Block" as long as their feet are still on the ground and their hands are below the height of the net. Soft blocks count as a touch as they are technically a dig not a block touch

  • Must have one women and one man on the court at all times, you can play with two and two or three and one.

Questions about our Adult League?
Reach out to our League Coordinator, Jeremy Doski at

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