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As part of our Boys and Girls Club program, we are thrilled to offer travel planning assistance to all athletes! Below you will find information on tournaments, including travel, hotels and more!

Travel Schedule by Program

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the tournament schedule be available?

  • The schedule for tournaments usually comes out the Wednesday prior to the tournament, only 2 or 3 days before the tournament begins. This information can be found on the tournament website.

What time should we book our returning flight or train coming home from a travel tournament?

  • We strongly suggest booking all flights or trains AFTER 6:00 pm on the last day of the tournament. This will help to ensure no one misses a flight or a match if the last day of play goes longer than expected.

What time should I have my child at the tournament location?

  • Email your head coach directly for this information! Even though they may not have the exact schedule, they should have wave times and know the location of the tournament.

Please contact Kate Foeman, our Travel Coordinator, with any travel questions!

2023-2024 Teams

*College coaches- you can find our teams rosters and tournament schedules below, including commitments and highlight video inks for easy searching!
Girls Open, Club, & Regional: 2023-2024

Open Teams Hotel Booking
Club Teams Hotel Booking
Regional Teams Hotel Booking

Girls Teams
Boys Teams
Boys Open & Club: 2023-2024

Open Teams Hotel Booking
Club Teams Hotel Booking

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