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Letter from the Directors

Northeast Volleyball Athletes and Families,

Some years ago, we had an idea to bring the most competitive and professionally run volleyball club in the region to Fairfield County. After years of traveling the world to play, coach, and study the game, we left our playing and coaching careers in Europe behind (a decision we admittedly agonized over!) to bring our vision to life. In May 2018, we established Northeast Volleyball Club. And we are so glad we did.

Before we had a gym, clients, or financing, our best friend, Jon Mercado, stepped away from his other coaching engagements to join us on our journey to be the best. Without Jon’s support, NEVBC would be in a very different place today. If you ever have the opportunity to say thank you to Jon for his efforts, please do.

Shortly following Jon joining the team (what we call “Northeast HQ”), we were blessed to have the opportunity to bring some of our best friends, former teammates, and even some of our former players and coaches on board. Through our network, we were able to create the greatest coaching staff in the Northeast and in turn, bring the highest level of coaching to every player who stepped in our gym. This is where you come in...

What would Northeast Volleyball be without YOU? In our very first season, you took the chance on us, our staff, and our dream. It was you - the players, parents, guardians, and siblings - who brought our vision to life and set the foundations for the culture we are building.

Watching our athletes grow and learn throughout the season was an absolute pleasure for our coaching staff and spoke volumes of a hardworking community that was eager to advance. We couldn’t be more proud of the commitment, competitive spirit, and professionalism that you all displayed while representing NEVBC in our gym and throughout New England. You embodied the core values of Northeast even beyond our expectations.

To the Parents, Families, Guardians, and Fans: We know that athletes never achieve greatness alone. Behind the scenes, there is a mom, a dad, a step-parent, or a role model sacrificing their time and energy to give these athletes an opportunity. At NEVBC, we recognize and immensely appreciate these efforts. Thank you for all that you do.

To the Athletes: From time to time, along our endless journey of growth and improvement, it is vital to pause for a moment to recognize where we started, marvel at how far we’ve come, notice how grateful we are for the opportunity, and set our mind to where we still have to go. Reflecting on this makes us feel incredibly grateful to have you in our lives and hopeful that you will continue your journey with us for years to come. Remember that this is your process, your life, and your journey. While I would humbly agree that our coaches made big impacts this past season, what YOU got out of our program is what YOU put into it (and that’s a lot!). So go ahead and give yourself the credit you deserve and then give your parents an enormous hug! (And then get back to work in the gym.)

To The Coaches - This part is simple. Without you, we are just a few volleyball coaches and three Sport Courts. With you, we are a community that can make huge impacts on the lives of young athletes. Thank you for your belief in us and commitment to NEVBC values as we dove into our first year.

To Our Partners - Building a new culture takes an army of dedicated people who share the same vision. Your support in our first year gave us the platforms needed to be successful and added value to our community. Thank you to the Four Seasons Racquet Club for opening your doors to the first volleyball-only facility in Fairfield County, to Upper Deck Fitness for taking our athletes to the #nextlevel, to Ren Athletics for the freshest gear of all time, to League Apps for keeping us all organized and sane, and to Hudl for giving us the analytics needed to learn and grow at the highest level.

In closing, THANK YOU to everyone! Thank you for taking a chance, giving it your all, and representing our club with pride. We hope you have an amazing summer and look forward to seeing you in the gym soon.

- Garrett & Cat

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