Please read the above COVID Protocols BEFORE attending any NEVBC programs.
**UPDATE FOR WINTER 2020** - Per CT State mandate, all athletes are required to wear masks during play (except for during water breaks, when athletes will be 6+ feet apart). Anyone in the gym, including parents and siblings, must also wear a mask.
Exceptions to Mask Mandate:
  • Anyone who has a medical condition that would make wearing a mask contrary to their health or safety (MUST provide medical documentation) does not need to wear a mask

  • Anyone 2 years old or younger does not need to wear a mask

Athlete safety is our top priority this winter. In accordance with USA Volleyball, CDC, and CT Guidelines, we've developed rigorous protocols for athletes and coaches. We've also made changes in the gym and in our facility to prepare for a safe return during COVID-19. Our staff will wear face coverings at all times while working with athletes, and face coverings MUST be worn by all athletes and parents at all times on the Four Season and NEVBC property.
Additionally, anyone coming to NEVBC will be required to check-in and self-certify that they are symptom-free before every class.
Please also be aware of the updated travel advisory in CT and mandatory self-quarantine for most out-of-state and all international travel, which we expect all coaches and athletes to follow strictly.
**UPDATE AS OF FEB 18, 2021** - Given the cautious reopening of our state, we will now allow athletes the option to test out of their mandatory 10-day travel quarantine with a negative PCR test 72 hours after their return to CT
See more on our protocols in the link above!
A Note from our Directors:
We must remain vigilant as we enter the winter season. Our reopening and #returntoplay has been a tremendous success so far, and we want to continue to provide opportunities for athletes to train in a safe environment. With that in mind, we all must resist the urge to relax on the guidelines and continue to strictly follow our safety protocols. Thank you for your help!
- Cat & Garrett