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At NEVBC, we offer opportunities for athletes to train beyond the school and club seasons. Private lessons are a great opportunity for those athletes who want to work on changing or improving a specific piece of technique.

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NEVBC Coach Private Lessons: 

Other Important Info: 

🔸 Payments are to be made in Cash/Check/Venmo directly to the Coach.

🔸 ​During the club season (October-May), private lessons are only available to current NEVBC athletes and to athletes with no other club affiliation. Athletes playing for another club may only do private lessons in the summer and fall before club season.


🔸 For beginners interested in doing private lessons, we recommend doing one of our NEVBC classes first. This is to ensure that beginners are learning the general skills involved in volleyball. Private lessons are for athletes who want to work on changing or improving a specific piece of technique (such as learning a jump float serve, or a specific defensive move that they might be struggling with executing in games).

🔸​ To book a private lesson, athletes/parents should reach out to a coach or director of their choosing directly and let the coach/director know which times they are available (giving a bigger window will yield more success).

*An example introductory email might look like this:

*Please note: Private lessons are not a guaranteed service at NEVBC. It largely revolves around the limited availability of our court schedule and the limited availability of our coaching staff. Furthermore, we believe that working in a private lesson setting is largely about coach/athlete compatibility; therefore, NEVBC coaches can choose to stop working with clients at any point without giving a detailed explanation (clients can also switch to a different NEVBC coach for similar reasons). 

Hi Coach ________, My name is _______ and I am a Sophomore at ______ High School. I am a s
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