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"We love Garrett, Cat and the whole NEVBC family. So glad we found the club when we did - our daughter has found her passion and is thriving in this environment. The coaches and the teams they put together could not be more welcoming and supportive of each other."

"We found NEVBC to be a wonderful club that offers very high quality coaching in a welcoming and safe environment. Garrett and Cat have created a place where athletes can learn and grow, both as athletes and teammates. We are so happy that our daughter had the opportunity to work with NEVBC coaches and play with such high performing athletes. Thank you NEVBC!"

"We love Northeast and the program that Cat and Garrett have built. It is one of the best SPORTS programs, not just volleyball programs, in the state. They are so organized, attentive, great communication, provide elite training and volleyball structure. They are relatively a young program and it seems they are already a powerhouse club. Love it!"

"Thank you for helping me to grow as a volleyball player this winter. I really enjoyed being part of this new program, and I really feel that I got better throughout the entirety of the season. I was always excited to go to practice and learn from you guys every day."

"I love the club, it is my second home. I am so grateful for every single coach and their teachings. NEVBC is my family, I got to meet my friends and good people who I will forever value."

"Our experience at NE has been amazing! The club has enriched our daughter’s life so much. She has made friendships over the years that have lasted. She still spends off time with her past teammates... As for the parents, we have done the same - we have made friends that we are happy to see at tournaments, and we support each others girls at the tournaments. As parents, we our proud to say we are from NEVBC when out at the tournaments. The club is respected and has a great reputation!"

"Your program is truly phenomenal. My kids have played sports their whole lives and your program stands so far above all others. So supportive and so instructive at the same time. Thank you!"

"Coach Cat and Garrett, and to all the Northeast family of Coaches …This is a very special place. This is recognized by every athlete and family that walk through those doors. Beyond thankful for you all, especially this year. A million times over thankful and grateful for you all."

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