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Volleyball is more than just a game to us. It is both our profession and our passion. As former pro athletes, we will lead Northeast Volleyball Club with the professionalism and thoughtfulness our community deserves.


To grow the sport of volleyball in the Northeast region by training and developing athletes in a positive, professional, and growth-oriented environment.


To develop the best teams in the region at all age groups, cultivate a lifelong love of volleyball and competition in our athletes, and create a positive volleyball culture in our community.


We strive to develop athletes who love the game of volleyball, no matter what age or level. We do this through high level training, challenging competition, and consistent feedback. To simplify our philosophy, we’ve identified four principles that guide our coaches:


Our coaches focus on technical skill development, with an emphasis on simple and repeatable movement patterns. Volleyball is a highly complex and random game, and simplifying it for our athletes is critical to both individual and team success.


Volleyball provides tremendous personal growth opportunities for our athletes beyond their sport-specific skills. Our coaches are educators, instilling positive values in our athletes throughout training and competition. We also invest in coaches’ education and training and are constantly evolving with the sport.


Competition is not only for game day. We want our athletes to compete every day in practice, with themselves and their teammates. Our practices allow our athletes to develop an appreciation for the challenges of competition, while emphasizing that success is not measured in wins and losses.


Our goal is to build the most competitive teams in our area. We look for athletes who are committed and willing to dedicate time and effort to their individual development and team success. We also seek athletes who will be good teammates, demonstrating integrity and professionalism.

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